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1: The kiss divine upon your heart
  Many pray a lifetime to receive
  For you was not enough a part
  And so when at end life you leave;
  Tell me: How shall it feel
  To break with eternity?
  Lingering only to grieve?

2: What one lingering illusion gave
  It also took in innocence and mirth
  Through mercy and abyss I crave,
  Did not beloved Job bemoan his birth?
  I say: How should I believe
  Love makes all things well,
  When I see a sea of souls in hell?
There are many things we could have done
Many things we could have been
Many moments we could have conquered
Many moments we would have sinned.

But what would such an alliance win
Except the gradual fading of each heart?
Remember ever: each end is a new start.

Recall the benefits parting conferred;
Own your onerous freedom and have fun.
Parting Rhyme
A bit trite, but intentionally so.
Love many suppose a feast
That we die to taste

But blend sorrow's yeast
With tears and get a paste

Life has taught me living
Consists in surviving

With dignity
On the bread of inanity
And woe

And love is no last supper
All-filling, all-satisfying

It is the life that flows
In drought or in excess

For the one at peace knows
'Tis the daily bread that's blessed
The Feast of Love
Is an endless trail of crumbs that leads us away from dreams of satisfaction.
Thou sweet art

Who in successive turns
Enflamed my soul with enchantment
Sucked it dry with cold demand
And filled the empty basin
That remained
Until all inside me expanded...

Yes, holy song,

How I miss your cool
Unremitting discipline,
Remember fondly
The angular company of a piano -
Silent, jarring, harmonious
In turn.

I miss the way it feels to yearn
In flight of poetry
And feel the voice within
Match that yearning
Stride for stride.

Memory of miracle still lingers:
How when singing
Everything of soul divided
Melts into one living motion.

You were my devotion.
Holde Kunst
Thinking of Schubert's song: An die Musik. Simple song. Yet powerful.
Out the window
Rain dances
On sullen leaves
Tired from the winter

Grey clouds sing
To the life within
Each branch and plot

The buds unseen
Hesitate like lovers
Called yet caught
By the dream of life
A rainy day
Somewhere between winter and spring.
This song from Carl Orff's Carmina Burana (in Trutina) has often represented one of the most sensual, calm, rich expressions of embracing and submitting to the feeling of love for me. At one point, I found a reading of the Latin which points out it's not clear whether she's submitting to a sensual fate of earthly passion or perhaps to a life as a nun.

Which brings me to the broader reflection: embracing one's life is kind of like falling in love. You have to open your inner wellsprings up to the energy of life, to the world around you, to the deep spring of desires within yourself in a gesture of higher integration. This is the movement of the self into higher levels of integration, the very action of integration being in my opinion what constitutes a self. When we shut ourselves up we get stuck in feedback loops that don't serve us, instead of being open to forming new rhythms which take us beyond ourselves, onward to the things we want to see happen in our lives.…

So whatever way you go, go with gusto and with the same electric and seductive force of living that we normally associate with falling in love. And go with the realization that you are making yourself vulnerable in the same way you become vulnerable when when you choose to love someone else.


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