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He slips through her
Like a fish through a stream

She cannot put her finger on him
She can only dream

She surrounds him
Goading like the starry sky

He reaches for the rain
Yet his palms remain dry
Love - elusive like water in its many forms. Including 78% of the human form.
Love is not what many say:
The radical fusion of two into one.

No, this great absorption,
Merging I and thou into a We,
Marks but a fleeting, fraught
Riddled with separation.

Rather, the silently inexorable
Fact of mutual contamination
Wins the day.

For like sediment dripping
Slow down a stalactite,
This darker side of love
Runs in our blood -
Slow trickle accruing
New form amid flesh.

Until you wake up,
Not one day,
But each day,
With the quiet fact
Sewn throughout your being -
That you carry a foreign element,
Now symbiotically ingrained
In the deepest structures
Of your heart and brain.
The shrill-calm call
Of choir boys
In a perfect room of stone

The sweet-dead scent
Of moistened earth
Waxing midst the gloam

The faint, warm glow
Of fragile light
Stirring worms of night-chilled loam

What other name deserves
This sacred, sweet, secret
Paradox of home?

How do I un-live a truth
That has already split me whole?

How do I un-write that
Which has spilt the ink of my soul?

I ask the young and passersby:

‘When you’ve seen beauty
How to e’er forget the sight?

‘Or the might of beauty’s impress
Upon a mere onlooker’s blight?’
Cool, fresh upturned earth
Bright Sun
Cold, white swaths of cloud
Decay's sweet perfume
Crunching leaves
Cracking bows
The scurry of squirrels
Brittle green shimmers
Jagged rocks
Restless pebbles
The soul of a passerby
May be rubble
But she looks on a world
Of smoke, light and glory
The wild air smiles for her
When she forgets
Organic matter clings to her soles
Offering intimate company
Life's a blast,
Life's a gas,
I tell you
It's crazy
What drives you crazy
In the end.

They take your health
They take your wealth,
And guess what,
You cry
Cause some little fly
Didn't smile for you.

You get the world,
You love the world,
Still it's funny
How with all in hand
No one's got your hand
- palm too darn full.

Life's a blast,
Life's a gas,
I know
It's crazy
What drives you crazy
In the end.
Home is one of the most concrete yet most mystical concepts in human vocabulary. We imagine home as a place, as associations which make us remember who we are, as people who make us come alive, as duties which keep us fighting the fight of each day, even home as truth which we leave the familiar to seek out hoping that we will eventually find a deeper, lasting sense of meaning for the narrative of our existence.

I used to believe in home in that unreflective way which is perhaps the truest - before we think a concept to death and it becomes merely a word with semi-empty definitions, when we are still structured by a word, a hope, a vision which hesitates before the task of outright articulation. Like most humans, the quest for home was part of my narrative, the story I told myself to make sense of the course of my life.

But with strange twists of life and discovery of the world, I began to question the sense of home more and more. And now I am afraid that I have lost my belief in its positive power to satisfy and orient the 'soul.' Deep down, home is a necessary illusion which we all need to survive, to make 'meaningful' choices, and to continue to live with gusto, making the story of our lives a narrative of home rising from the chaos of possible existence. I do not believe in home. In fact, I positively believe it is an illusion - even if a necessary one. Such a belief is in many ways its own illusion - humans today no longer live tied to one place and one community. Most of us move around and are rewarded for being adaptable, for being able to leave behind our ties and connections and start again - for education, work, or simply personal journeys. Thus, my own attitude is perfectly in keeping with the age that produced me.

This is not all, however. My active disbelief in 'home' affects me on a level beyond merely the willingness to pick up and drop one set of connections for another. I also naively wish to make a statement about reality when I affirm: Home is nowhere and right where you are. It is both, neither... Any other imagining will only pass away into non-existence.

All the same, humans need their homes, their world, their stories. We are lost without them. Perhaps I am a little bit in love with being lost, then.


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