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I swear I shine
Just give me sun
And I will show you smiles
and fun
But here alone
The darkness runs
Ruts across my hope and joy


In a world with no time to stop for silence,
The clouded heart finds little company;
Its sole hope false bravado and good cheer,
For in these days we have time only for convenience.
Oh, don't tell me we are the ones
Who won't get lucky breaks;
So maybe the luck runs low,
But we are half-lucky:
We have each other -
Not joined,
But together in cosmic flow.
She leans upon his breast
and kisses the place on his chest,
Beneath which lies a beating thing,
Weeping quiet tears but saying:

These drops are not tokens of my pity -
Verily they are shed for the sight of beauty;
For when you speak your heart shines through,
And its light moves me more than any precious jewel.
Rare Treasure
Some people just have kind, caring hearts. They often don't overestimate themselves, but the kindness of any heart is a balm for the inner eye.
My caress of evening,
My breath of morning,

Take the blessing laying
Lightly on my sleepy lids,

The light of whose orbs
Wakes to your traces in the sun.

My little ghost,
While we are far,
The sky melts the wonder of souls in its pot;
Perhaps our wonders mingle there.
Orbs of Wonder
I think the images I was trying to capture are not fully clear in my language, but oh well.
Some joys are held in the hand
Or grappled with the eyes...

But tonight your blessing lies
In the distant,
Dimming horizon.

Love in this form
Is scent,
Like the jasmine
Wafting down the wall
As I pass with a passing smile.

A warm heart, though far,
Perfumes life
With precious, mundane affections.
Odor of Affection
Good hearts are like sweet smelling flowers. Even if you are not near them, they seem to spread a subtle perfume over the ins and outs of days.
Here's an interesting video. While I tend to think of Ayn Rand as a virtuous sociopath (if such can exist) and have some serious qualms about her ideas, I found this dialogue very thought provoking:


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