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Piece of Cake by squibblyquill
Piece of Cake
"What were you expecting, a piece of cake?" Says the lady of the labyrinth, red smeared across her silken lips.

(Again inspired by Henson's Labyrinth but not a direct representation of any of its characters or scenes.)
Mistress of the Labyrinth by squibblyquill
Mistress of the Labyrinth
A close up of a larger sketch (Piece of Cake). Inspired by Henson's Labyrinth but not attempting to replicate any character or exact scene from the movie. Ladies, funky clothing, and labyrinths are as far as I know still in the public domain.
I've burned my fire
Though I still recall the flames;
Heart is merely an ember now,
Quiet, concentrated heat,
To light and warm the world around
Its humble aim.

I have lived my youth
And loved its follies
In my day.
But now the fruits of those follies
Are here to stay.

I am no longer a great star
Who burns wildly of her own substance
Despite the vast, cold vacuum of space.
I am but a light
That without oil and without air
Would surely lose the fight
To darkness' all-consuming face.
Seeing a lot of the poetry, my own older stuff and especially of young people today - there is this tendency to see love as this great burning in a vacuum - love as a one-way gift of passion waiting to be recognized. And then there is the subsequent tendency to be upset when that kind of model of love does not produce reciprocity, naming cowardice and blindness as causes. And precisely because I have been there I find myself resistant to that way of seeing things, as it seems to be more about youth shining brightly than people learning to build living, reciprocal bonds with others. Even in the cases of high compatibility, love can only be built on shared things. Knowing someone from afar, out of context is just a way for us to fill in the gaps with whatever we want to see. There is no guarantee we aren't falling in love with something we make up in our heads. And this is what youth does and revels in. But mature love grows out of shared context. It is fed by humble, simple, daily things. Intimacy is not the secretive exchange of lofty ideals and generalizations, it is the living presence of the other in your life - in body, mind, and heart. It's arguably easier to lose sight of this distinction today where even adults meet others through virtual media. There is nothing wrong with this, but to confuse a very limited form of intimacy with a much more concrete closeness is something that can get in the way of love rather than help it.
Hope for many things
As it is the nature
of Hope to open
the heart
Like a net
To the fish
of Possibility
Even if some chances
Inevitably escape you
Having hopes, while not to be confused with escaping into fantasy realities, is important for remaining open to the good things that come our way.
A boat's hull
Knows only the crashing
Swell of each wave
The sail only the violence
Of each gusting gale

Yet before long
The boat
Finds itself
Well along
On its journey
At Sea
An image I got for the motion of struggling through the challenges of life.

Even though dated, Denis de Rougemont’s Love in the Western World still has a lot to say about love, passion, life-long commitment, humanity, and marriage. In particular, his stance on Marriage as a Decision rings very true to me.

His argument already rests on the assumption that passion and the myth of true love boil down to a self-defeating misunderstanding antithetical to desirable and sustainable wedded existence. In short, “passionate love tends to grow like the exaltation of a kind of narcissism” (152). Why? Because deifying the finite is a kind of never-ending escapism from finite reality itself—chasing after the next perfect idol with no end to dissatisfaction, seeking perfection in the world of imperfection, and thereby turning an imperfect world into an empty vessel for one’s own egotistical striving toward transcendence. But of course, passion cannot and should not be denied its place in the scope of human experience. It is only necessary to understand that neither passion nor reason are the mortar that joins two loving, living finite beings into a shared journey of matrimony.

For Denis, what does it boil down to? Well, choice and loving commitment. Though he does not stress the word, ‘integrity’ would be a very apt description of his view of a flourishing relationship. Passion thrives on suffering and lack of attainment. A marriage is one of close proximity, intimacy, shared existence. To try and artificially produce a tortured passion within a marriage blindly casts aside and even stymies the valuable emotional bonds that sprout up through constant contact and a shared daily lot in life. And to expect reason to tell us which marriages are doomed to failure and which will be blessed with success from the outset also misses the point.

Passion and reason exist. But they do not seal a marriage, nor do they see it through. Only reciprocal conscious choice to love one’s spouse will do – not as an object of passion, merely, but as a whole human being in all his or her finitude. In this way, one’s spouse becomes one’s neighbor. The goal is about sharing a life, rather than finding utter transcendence in his or her effigy. And the stuff of it is integrity, not a calculation which demonstrates that two people are perfectly suited to one another. We humans are too dynamic, too complex, to whole, too…human for simple calculation to seal the felicity of matrimony. Nor does matrimony revolve around felicity. Rather the integrity is what provides the condition for happiness, as well as bolstering in times of unhappiness—the goal being a joint life where you honor your spouse by truly seeking his or her good, for better or for worse.

In today’s society we see both a reliance on rationalization and on passion as guides in the realm of partner and spousal relations. And while some passion and some reason are definite ingredients, especially in the outset and establishing of such an earnest bond; they are not what teach two people to love one another, and to recognize one another’s full humanity with each passing day. That…is simply a reciprocally honored choice, one requiring gusto, heart, and mutual integrity. I have seen this choice in many of my friends – especially in those who seem most happy in their relationships.


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